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The SADA Birth to Three Program is an early intervention program that supports families of children with cochlear implants under the age of three years.

Parent involvement is crucial for the betterment of a child’s ability to learn to listen and talk. We provide counselling to ensure that the family are closely guided.  Our families have contact with their Listening and Spoken Language professional through social media.  We understand that parents need continual support in mastering the skills needed to help their baby and toddler learn spoken language through listening.

Our youngest community members attend the center three days a week.  They receive auditory training, language stimulation, occupational therapy, and behavior modification.  Depending on the needs of the child, this is done in small groups or as individuals. 

We offer an Active English program which has been especially developed for our center and our community.  We bring this to life with fun, using rhyme, songs, dancing, stories, pretend play – all bringing to life this second language.

Our Birth to Three families can schedule appointments on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings or Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Sada Educational Center is a Nonprofit Organizations

        Tel: 1832000         

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