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The SADA Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving children and their families. We aim to optimize the language skills of children with cochlear implants and support their education. 


More than this, we aim to bring fun and joy to learning, engaging our students in a love of language and interaction.

Our center is fully equipped to provide an auditory environment that promotes listening and speaking.  Our team of professionals work continuously to develop and acquire new expertise and knowledge in the field.  Our therapists, teachers and support teachers are diligent in serving the children the best way they can and see continual learning and professional development as central to this commitment.

Our team aspire to become leading professionals in their field.  The service provided will be the best for individuals.  We collaborate with recognized international leaders in the field and take this understanding to make it culturally specific for our students.  We understand that our children’s context is unique and we work to individualize all we know about therapy and education.

We believe in evidence-based practice.  We have an active research division that produces accurate data to enrich our field of expertise. We then strive to apply the most relevant research to the education of our children, adapted to the cultural context in which they live.




Our Vision

Our hope is to educate and habilitate children with cochlear implants in Kuwait to facilitate their inclusion in school and in society. We aim to be the leading not-for-profit organization in this area.


Our Mission

Our aim is to promote listening and spoken language in children with cochlear implants.  We provide a rich learning environment. We:

  • provide services that meet international standards of excellence;

  • collaborate with organizations that are international leaders in their field;

  • engage in active research that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Sada Educational Center is a Nonprofit Organizations

        Tel: 1832000         

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