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SADA is an integrated habilitative and educational center. 

Our approach is unique because we promote joy whilst playing, learning and exploring. We aim to develop the child’s communicative abilities through speech therapy, whilst developing a love of learning. 

The daily schedule at SADA is designed to provide the maximum number of communication opportunities for each child.  Our students engage in painting, cooking, and playing, one-to-one session, story-telling and participating in sports.  Our staff collaborate to build a cohesive habilitation and educational program that is individual to each child. 




We enjoy the support of our parents and family members, whose engagement creates a truly cohesive environment. 

Teachers, speech and language pathologists, a developmental pediatrician, psychologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists, all work collaboratively to accurately assess the child, devise a comprehensive intervention plan, and finally apply it through the most effective service delivery model possible. 


Every single child is treated as an individual and all intervention is tailored specifically to their needs.

Sada Educational Center is a Nonprofit Organizations

        Tel: 1832000         

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